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TCS Question previous Year+ Previous Year Important Question SET 49 Success Key98 (Class time 4.00 Pm) Which of the following was not founded by Dr.B. R. Ambedkar?   निम्नलिखित में से किसकी स्थापना डॉ बी आर अम्बेडकर द्वारा नहीं की गई थी? (a) Deccan Education Society /.डेक्कन एजुकेशन सोसाइटी (b) Samaj Samata Sangh/ समाज समता संघ […]

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SUCCESS KEY98 Youtube Channel Speed test Link :https://successkey98.net Telegram Channel LINK :https://t.me/success_key98 2nd march Current affairs February 2020 The Government seeks to facilitate the doubling of milk processing capacity by which year? सरकार किस वर्ष तक दुग्ध प्रसंस्करण क्षमता को दोगुना करना चाहती है? A) 2026 B) 2021 C) 2022 D) 2025 ANS:2025  Mickey Wright, […]